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New Single: "Lay Low"

The Tejon Street Corner Thieves released their new single "Lay Low" online earlier this week via new label called Liars Club formed by Amigo the Devil and indie powerhouse Regime Music Group.  Recorded at Royal Recording in Colorado Springs, Colorado under the watchful eye of producer Bill Douglas, "Lay Low" bottles up the feelings of being defeated by life and unites listeners with an infectious sing-along chorus that finds the solace inside the darkness. The single is the first taste of new music from the band's upcoming new EP "Demons", which is slated for a May 14th release date.

Label owners Amigo the Devil and Kevin Zinger added.

“Excited about the first signing to the newly formed label being Tejon. Great music, great people, and clearly the commitment that they have to the music and their fans is incredible. Re-working how live music is delivered to people and literally risking their own health to put a smile on peoples faces during these crazy times shows you the kind of people they are.” said Zinger. 

Amigo the Devil added “It’s a very rare and fortunate opportunity to find a band that is as much of a powerhouse in a live setting as they are while listening at home, alone, dancing, and shouting out the completely un-avoidable and wildly infectious sing-alongs. I knew from the moment we played a show with Tejon for the first time that it was something special and it’s an honor to have them as the first addition to the family we’re expanding into. This group, this label, this whatever you want to call it is a goal I’ve had to build something in unity where we all feel confident and comfortable to be ourselves and know that we aren’t at all alone in our strangeness. There’s no one more fitting than Tejon Street Corner Thieves to be a part of it and we’re grateful they’re on board. They’re just such good dudes too, it’s unreal haha.”

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